10 August 2010

Mid Week Self Pic

Dedicated to all of you who have said you miss the self pics! The one on top is Inception actor Tom Hardy... This one is Kris Evans.


  1. oh my, tom hardy. mr hardy recently admitted to sleeping with boys in his youth but has since moved on:


    my question: can you really grow out of something as basic & fundamental as your sexual orientation? that's like trying permanently to change your skin colour, right?

    and did he or did he not have some fine brow-work goin' on in that rather flirty pouty looking pic? :)

  2. you can if you OD and it's not something exciting to look forward to anymore. boobooboo.

  3. Anon: I read that story too; I think he meant he was experimenting/ going through a phase and it's no big deal, etc? This attitude is pretty common right now?
    And the tweezed to nothing brows on straight boys are pretty commonplace as well... I think it started quite a decade back with those waifish tokyo boys?

  4. Beauty: You're so not speaking from personal experience.

  5. Right. I am speaking of your experience.