01 September 2010

News: Kate, Klein and the Talented Mr Gruber

1. Kate Moss and Topshop end collab: The three-year partnership between Kate Moss and Topshop will end later this year. Her Fall range which drops in October will be her 14th and last collection for the chain. It is reported that Ms Moss has made at least £3m from her Topshop deal. (BBC News)
2. Louis Vuitton’s holiday windows worldwide will have an Indian flavor. Starting Nov 5, displays will pay tribute to Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. Vuitton teamed with Indian artist Rajeev Sethi to conceive the windows, which will feature hand-painted paper trunks glowing from within. Special products will include limited edition dresses made of vintage sari fabrics. (WWD)

3. Calvin Klein, 67, was first photographed with his new 'partner' Nick Gruber, 20, as early as May this year. The pair have been seen at a number of premieres and events in Manhattan. Mr Gruber's modeling portfolio includes shoots with both Rick Day and Edendale Studios, known for their images of naked men in various states of arousal. Mr Gruber is also said to be "Aaron Skyline", a model on several gay porn websites such as NextDoorMale.com. He's appeared in three scenes for other sites owned by Next Door, got a blowjob from gay superstar Mason Wyler as part of a shoot for MasonWyler.com, and had sex with women in two scenes for Next Door Hookups. His last appearance was in January 2010 when he appeared in solo scene on the gay porn site SeanCody.com under the name "Zeke." (Gawker)


  1. Mr Klein has such amazingly bad taste?

  2. Kate's collaboration with Topshop will continue with only 2 collections a year instead of 6.

  3. Mr Klein is queer, again?

  4. Dear Beauty: To each his own, I suppose?
    Dear Anon 1: According to a few blogs, the Kate collection has been reduced to 2 collections a year from 6 as of this year but henceforth will be exist as ad hoc capsules.
    Dear Anon 2: Has he ever not been? I suppose you mean the Kelly Klein episode? I'm sure he was queer throughout that union.