17 March 2018


Is Demna the Kim Kardashian of Fashion?
The parallels between the two are obvious - and damning. At the risk of sounding not "on point" (in the current illiterate-speak of social media jargon), let me point out the similarities:

1. Demna and KK are self-styled "disruptors" (more trite jargon!) of the old order - Demna's pose is that he's anti-fashion, hailed breathlessly as a revolutionary designer of  just "clothing" (Vetement) and not about "trends" etc; KK is a revolutionary reality show/social media star that has broke with the traditional star system. And yet, scratch each shallow veneer and the same old thing emerges - the shape of bullshit.
By joining the luxury house Balenciaga, by participating in its traditional circus of shows and marketing merchandise in that same old way, Demna has shown himself to be just the latest iteration of the "wannabe." (I'm sure there's a "current" jargon for this, but I'm writing quickly!)
KK is nothing more disruptive than being the latest fame-seeking gold digger; I approve of golddiggers - I just don't happen to think they are disruptive in any way.

2. Demna and KK both represent a total void. They are empty vessels. The latest Balenciaga collection is... (to be continued)