07 February 2009

Dans La Prairie

Dans La Prairie, a classic Impressionist oil painting by Claude Monet, has sold for more than £11m at a London auction, but fell short of its estimated price of £15m. The image is of Monet's wife, Camille, reading in a field of wild flowers, and sold for £11,241,250, Christie's said.
My favourite Monets are in the Orangerie in the Tuileries. I always go and look at Monet's waterlillies when I'm in Paris (whatever the season), and it's always such a special treat.
Don't you love the names of oil paints? I bought a whole bunch the other day for class and the names are so pretty: Vert Emeraude, Jaune De Cadmium, Noir D'Ivoire, Terre De Siena Brulee, Cramoisi D'Alizarine. It's nice to know that students and masters alike use the same paints and materials.


  1. please post your works from class?

  2. yes please do! would love to see you painting in class haha!

  3. Brainwave and Vogueite: Ok, when I complete this latest one la... but it's student work you know, we just paint what the laoshi set up for us, and it's always hopelessly dated. Imagine we've been painting wooden clogs perched on a aluminium pot, with two granny smith apples in the foreground. I do my best lar...

  4. its not so much what you paint, but the techniques you used and your understanding of light and shadow... am sure you far ahead of you class in those areas! :-) Let's see it pleassssse!