21 February 2009

As Told to Me

"And then I decided to change my flight.
"I think it was that very instant when AC's sperm dashed out of his scimitar cock, a cock so cruelly hard it seemed to be flying from his body. His sperm bullets thudded, scalding my heart, throat, face.
"I must call my office to say I'm sick, I remembered thinking. How can I leave AC now? And then he made me yelp and drop to my elbows with a thwack on my big backside, and then before that slapped his evil-smelling cock over my face in hefty, mesmerizing strokes.
"Why does AC bite me like a dog worrying a bone? I have to postpone my meeting till the end of the week because of the purple bruises.
"AC's cock really seemed to be at the point of saying something to me. When I was down there, I swear a glossy bubble popped out of its tight lips and said: 'The project can be moved to next Tuesday you know, you deserve a treat. Besides I might leave you good.'
"Yes sir, I heard myself saying. Do you think I'm losing my mind?"


  1. glossy speech bubble from cock head is ultra original :P

  2. I knew you wud like this... i dedicate this post to you.

  3. yes, you do know how classy i am :P