15 March 2009

Fall 2009: Alexader McQueen

Is this even ready-to-wear? Whatever this memorable collection may be, and it's certainly misogynistic, hyper drag, and irrelevant to the times, it is nonetheless the essence of what makes fashion fascinating, a rich marriage of vision and technique. I'm no fan of McQueen but this is a collection I can't stop thinking about.


  1. of course didnt' get this invite lah! But your "BFF" went with someone else's!
    Okay... liked it too cos it was so anti-recession and it's one of the OMFG-you-call-this-fashion kinda design wonders!!!

  2. ya! it so is right? it makes fashion worth following, just to see these displays once in a while... i think it's bec i'm missing those extravagant dior collections from before dior became the new vanilla.