19 March 2009

In and Out of Fashion

All you fashion folk know by now that Jil Sander is back in fashion as creative consultant to Uniqlo. It's been in the works since last June. Ms Sander said she had received “a lot of offers from many companies” since leaving the fashion world, but ended up deciding to try something “completely different”, an interesting choice, don't you think? It's much more intersting news than speculation about Olivier Theyskens's career ups and downs. Despite the ardent endorsement by Anna Wintour (did you read the vehement editor's letter in April's Vogue?), and a fawning following, the undoubtedly talented Mr Theyskens has yet to make a substantial impact in the business. Is he too young? Too fragile? Or simply a quitter? In any case, I've lost interest, and cease to care where he goes next, or if he starts his own label after showing his last collection for Nina Ricci. Level of irrelevance: Maximum.
It's delightful to see Wintour becoming undone. Has anyone noticed how she seems to have filled out her face at 60? Her cheeks and lips are puffy! And that bob? Surely it's a wig? She's such a drag. On the subject of drags, also in April's Vogue, in that great booby's column, always a huge joke, Life with Andre, the has-been is frothing over Jason Wu's fall 2009, comparing it to Gres and Dior. That man has really come undone in a big way.


  1. i enjoy this post. and i love uniqlo.

  2. does this mean i can finally afford some jill sander?

  3. u could always afford Jil Sander. I wish you would be more generous with yourself.
    I don't mean at the sauna.