17 March 2009


Because we are moving office, the dust flying is causing my face to have a flare-up, and my eyes to itch. It's horrible to have a fragile constitution. Luckily Marie remembered to bring back for me, when she returned from her skiing trip (yes, everybody and their dog is skiing these days - it's the new Facebook I think) in Switzerland, this wonderfully calming balm from Nuxe. I don't think you can find it here although some smart ass in my office said you could get it in Tiong Bahru. This is highly unlikely. Anyway, I discovered Nuxe Reve de Miel Baume des Familles S.O.S Repair Balm (don't you like these pompous labels?) years ago when I was shivering somewhere in Europe and suffering frostbite; It's wonderfully gob-smackingly thick (floral waxes): I can only describe it as a waxy paste. Now, I'm fully aware that it's the trend these days for everything to be light and sheer but I happen to like to slather my face in a protective shield. It's fantastic, instant relief for sensitive skin, and there are days when this is the only moisturiser that will do. SPF 12.

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