06 March 2009

Weekend Reading List

Last night, P, an old friend from NUS gave me a bag of How To Spend It magazines, the monthly stylezine that comes with the weekend edition of the Financial Times. I swooped on them and rifled through gleefully noting that none of them I've read before. This means it's been a while since I bought the Financial Times on Saturdays. It used to be such a ritual with me, but I think when it became $5, I stopped. I do miss the beige paper, its style and substance are excellent, I love their columnists, on food, the arts, gardening, wine. I think I'll start buying the paper again. Isn't sweet that friends think of your habits and likes and make the effort to give you stuff that suits you exactly. I think it's a type of tribute.
To take my mind off the stressful recession, I shall read the (uncharacteristically) thin Henry James novella The Aspern Papers; It's rivettinngly suspenseful, and shows the ugliness of greed. Very relevant for these times, no? This portrait of the master is by John Singer Sargent.


  1. i always buy the ft weekend for how to spend it! this week had a great article on bespoke doors!

  2. Dear Lady R!
    I have to start buying the paper again... the writing is excellent, and the salmon beige colour of the paper is genius! X

  3. ya lah! the 5 dorra price is big hold-back factor leh! Hate!