13 April 2009

A History of Mildness

I'm not blessed with a hardy complexion. I can't go into the sun for 15 minutes without turning bright pink. If I breeze through a dusty room I get a rash. A glance at a fur ball, and a pimple appears. It's very tragic that I can't use half the cosmetics that I am given to try, especially when I so love new stuff! I can't just put anything on my face, especially now, when I've done such a lot of (non-invasive) things at Dr Lee. I use the mildest of cleansers: There are days when I'm so red and blotchy I can only splash water to cleanse, so I know about mildness! The occasion for my writing this is that I've come to the end of the giant bar of Clinique soap (which I've used down to a dot the size of a dollar coin) and now have to start on something mild else. Herewith, my top five options:
1. Clinique Mild Face Soap. I do like soap more than any other formulation, because nothing feels quite clean like a good soap. This one is pretty well made so it never dissolves into a gooey puddle and lasts forever. Plus, it smells wonderfully... of nothing.
2. Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium. Cleans superbly, even if you don't usually think an oil can. It's wonderfully mild, and smells calming. Plus it's such a pretty bottle.
3. Sisley Cleansing Milk with White Lily. Anything Sisley is yummy and this really mild cleanser is a true revelation. Plus it smells Sisley. 
4. Cle de Peau Gentle Cleansing Foam. My latest discovery. You really only need to use a dot of this for major foaming action, but I can't use this daily as it's quite drying for me so I use this only twice a week when I need a good scrub. Good in hot/ humid weather. 
5. Clarins Eau de Comfort One-Step Cleanser. Great for travel, you don't even need water just wipe with cotton pad or tissue. Easy. Not terribly drying but not truly mild either.


  1. use all five, at different wash of course.

  2. A very classic comment thank you, brainwave...