27 April 2009

We Spoke on the Phone

Today we spoke about:
White blood cell count, and if laughing increases it.
Was Empress Josephine an over-sexed creole?
Alvin, how pale and tattooed he is.
Sexual vs natural selection.
Who has more fat deposits. Did men notice or just the drags?
GG's voice. Does its low register mean he is well hung?
MSN: 'He nudged and the whole screen wobbles'.
Gerard is not virile and his voice sounds dumb.
Old furniture from the smelly shop, the smelly man and his China wife.
Fort road, Mr Rambo and the couple who lived in the tree house.
Hip to waist ratio.
Dr C and the medication he gives us. His assistant Judy, and how rude she is.
The cat that lept onto the compressor at 4am: "It meowed at me."
About whether the cat wanted to come into the room.
The Hyatt in Roponggi Hills: "Hate it."
BBC and why it's lovley to listen to the Queen's English.
W said that all tri-coloured cats are male. "Why would he lie about something like this?"
If aliens saw the cereal in the containers ranged in the kitchen what would they think?


  1. I like these fragments. It's random yet connected. Voices of people you don't even know but things you can relate too. Nonsense. But in a good way. :)

  2. I tried to 'report' as accurately as possible some of my long phone calls and attempted to capture the tone and mood as a list of topics. It's not as simple as it would seem on the surface and to reproduce it takes a bit of work. I'm very pleased you like it. X