03 April 2009

Weekend Reading List

I'm zipping through Jane Austen's Emma at a clipping pace, and finding more and more to love and learn about this amazing piece of work. It's really as gripping as a whodunnit and very very funny. There's alot of hypochondria and people catching cold in it and lots of fascinating domestic detail (food and drink, clothing, arrangement of rooms, lighting, working a farm, etc) Of course I totally adore (and identify with)the poor but elegant Jane Fairfax, the anti-Emma in the book; So much so that I think I have a crush on the beautiful, blond Frank Churchill. Miss Bates and Mrs Elton are both great comic creations, the forerunners of those mad maiden aunts in Little Britain.
I'll finish with this by lunch and then whatever will I read? Everything else will seem pallid and ill-written after this.

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