10 April 2009

Weekend Reading List

Above, 1955, by Norman Parkinson
Let's do Truman Capote this weekend shall we? I've got a touch of the sniffles (everyone is losing their voices) and there's nothing gayer to read in bed with the blinds down and sipping hot ginger tea like a dowager than some good old Capote. He's like Enid Blython for the desolute. Answered Prayers I can read over and over, when I'm missing some real-life juicy gossip, because it's gossip spun with gossamer art, quite thrilling stuff. There's the movie classic Breakfast at Tiffany's. The movie is very unlike the novella (the movie has Audrey Hepburn so that's always so relevant), but both are addictive. I also like reading the George Plimpton bio Truman Capote. Mr Plimpton's such an old-fashioned jock, and I'm wondering what his fascination for Capote is? He's written quite a few books on Capote you know, including the collection of Capote letters deliciously entitled Too Brief a Treat. Yummy!

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