14 April 2009

On Zara and Bebe Comparisons

Frida Gianini on her critics: "When someone wants to offend me by saying I'm copied by the high street - well, for me, it's a huge compliment." Surely Miss Gianini misunderstands. I don't think people are saying she's being copied by Zara or Bebe. It's not true. And besides, why would that be insulting? Let me try to express what is being said quite clearly: I think people are saying that her work is of a pedestrian standard, and her imagination is limited and inferior and she presents fashion at a prestige price point similar to that which is already long available, and common at street level. I think people mean that she isn't producing 'fashion' when she has the financial means to, and which she ought since she represents Gucci; Instead, season after season, what is shown is merely overpriced clothes, styles common at Zara and Bebe etc, at believable prices. I believe these are the things leveled at Ms Gianini. Is my interpretation right? What do people think?

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