24 May 2009

Sunday, 8pm

Just how much would you pay for a digital alarm clock with radio for the night stand?
I found one I liked and stared at the clock for about 20 minutes.
I had dinner, and before the shop closed, went back to the store to stare at it some more. It's quite bulky. Black, with large green digital numbers. It's from Sony.
It's $29.90. Is that expensive? I really don't know what anything should costs.
I'll go back and buy it next weekend... but only if people think it's not expensive.


  1. hullo? it's gonna last you one year at least? $30 for something you like is cheap. my one month redoxon vitamin c is already this price and i still don't have a radio clock :P

  2. $29.90 is not enough to revive the economy.

  3. ... so does that mean it's cheap or not worth it? XOXO