22 May 2009

Weekend Viewing List: Trashy Romance Genre

Friends and colleagues lent me stuff they said I had to watch, and it turned out all to be rather syrupy, romance stuff. I've been putting off watching the DVDs because I'm just not that keen (not in the mood, not bored enough) to watch American productions, but Van is chasing me to watch watch watch, and so this weekend, I won't be reading. I'll roll down the blinds, up the aircon, light the Diptyque candle and settle down with hot chocolate and plow lazily through. This is what is screening:
Everyoned has been talking about Gossip Girl and saying how I will enjoy it. Val finally remembered and passed Season 1 to me (out of Roch's car window one sweaty night) and I've watched the first few episodes. It's truly inane, completely unreal, and badly styled. It does make me want to go out and buy an outfit and go to a party though, so maybe I should plow on. I certainly hope Twilight lives up to its hype. It has been making grown women gush, and I'm slightly anxious about it, I don't know why? Then Miss Bob said she watched The Notebook on a flight and wept hysterically. She said she (even) found Ryan Gosling cute.
Now, this I got to see. Shouldn't I be painting instead?
(Photos: Alma Thomas painting Red Azaleas, 1976)

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