29 May 2009

The Young Victoria

Watched The Young Victoria with Jac and PH after work and feel disappointed by the movie, despite having gone with low expectations. Was grateful at its brevity, at least it didn't go on and on. Not that it's terrible, in the way that the absurd Angels and Demons was. In fact, it was very prettily lit and coloured and dressed, if dull. The 'plot' could pretty much have been (or was) summarised in a trailer, and you can guess the rest just by looking at the stills. Emily Blunt is miscast as Queen Victoria. She's comic, not regal, and she can't carry the picture on such slim talents. What saves are the men: Jim Broadbent's magnificent as the drunken King William, Paul Bettany is all menacing glitter and Rupert Friend (I can see the resemblance to the greasier Orlando Bloom, whom I never liked) is my new crush. I don't think Prince Albert was quite this dreamy.

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