22 June 2009

And Then They Said This And That

And then that Sunday, at dinner, just the four of them, they said:

S Lin is going to jail for a year.
He was at Frette sheets when they had a showroom in The Promenade.
Remember The Promenade?
LL and Butterball used to rent a back office behind that showroom, like right behind, way at the back. (Wouldn't that be all the way back to Mt E hospital? Incredible!)
S Lin was married already, but not yet fat.
S Lin was always fat.
S Lin was already fat when Ronnie Ying did sex with him in school.
Ronnie Ying?
The same year Siu Jin sang a Samantha Sang at the concert: You Keep Me Dancing .
He stepped back and hit a high C, and then the whole auditorium exploded in applause.
At that age, Siu Jin can still hit those notes?
Eng Joo threw JS over the balcony.
Eng Joo locked JS in the third floor toilet.
(There followed a passage about people I know who were in Talentime, a group called Vintage, for instance, that featured Jacintha Abishegenaden; And then there was one with Jerry Rezel, and something else about Ann Hussein; And they wore a cheongsams; Ann Hussein was fat; She looks like Sui Jin, etc. I can't say I followed very closely, as most of it sounded incongruous, somehow, made up.)
KS knows a woman in Hong Kong who distributes condoms at 50 outlets, she can help me to sell my Male Hygiene Wash.
The Male Hygiene Wash focus group.
Which bottle is better, this bottle is more phallic.
Bacteria, smegma, urine, cock cheese.
You used to play this Jennifer Holiday album to me over the phone and sing!
You came down the stairs in West Coast with the boom-box playing This Game Of Love (I'm Never Coming Down), and then we went to that island at Pasir Panjang.
(None of this sounds even remotely likely.)
You cannot eat the egg tarts, but eat these tart cherries, they are good for you.
Aloe juice, mixed fruit juice, mixed with soda water.
LL, and what he wore at Dior party (apparently this chunky ruby choker).
LL won a Lee Hwa diamond at a drag contest at Play.
LL won twice in a row, so Rizal forbid him to join again.
LL went to a costume party and when he wafted in the whole chattering room fell silent because he was wearing a full-length tulle cape embellished with crystals and a feather collar that was this high (unverified).

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  1. LL would not stand a chance had i wore my bkk outfit. if rizal donch let me wind, i'll give his stomach a flying kick.