19 June 2009

Kate Moss Drawing

Now, I don't think Cedric Rivrain is such a very good illustrator, but this drawing of Kate Moss in an Alexander McQueen costume will serve very well to illustrate my point that (the wonderfully named) Ms McQueen's work work much better in theory than in reality. This drawing was published in Numero.


  1. that McQueen collection is still one of my favourites :)

  2. yes, you are probably responding to the sens eof fantasy. i'm not sure about his work generally:
    firstly, his 'finest' work bears no real relation to what can be considered contemporary fashion. i think this is where we can discover his 'misogynistic' leanings. he is not interested in dressing women.
    secondly, his clothes still have no recognisable 'signature'. his designs look anonymous if taken out of the shows.
    in the end, he's just a drama queen who makes clothes. i'll never class him with any of the greats.