27 June 2009

Men's Spring 2010: Raf Simons

It was pretty laborious clicking through this large collection; Actually there were at least five collections in there. A group of immaculate and sublime classics, flawless and tasteful, pretty perfect. Then a group of menswear elements recombined in fresh ways (I liked this best). A bewildering group of belted coats and jackets (this is not Mr Simons at his best, rather the triumph of a mad stylist). A group of autumnal leathers (I don't get this). Then lastly, a slithery group of 'serpent' motif (young and dangerous) looks. It's a testiment to Mr Simons's talent that it didn't look rojak, his strong vision made the thing cohesive. It's good work, just ponderous, and laboured.

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