24 June 2009

Men's Spring 2010: Whatever Suzy Says...

It's too laborious to post all the pictures, but in summary of all the rest, here's what I think:

Dolce & Gabbana
Half of it is Simon Yam, half of it (the jackets!) is divine. Not bad, just too many exits.

Credible, one of their best in seasons. Brokeback, but smart.

Frida Gianini's best collection EVER (includes her womens). It's vigorous, has punch.

Gorgeous, real, traditional elegance. I heart. Shocking horrid shoes ( styling miss-step).

Inspired by 11 year old. Confirm bottom. Approve!

Calvin Klein Collection
Failed Sci-fi movie costume. Clunk, clunk, clunk.

Heart. Just a tad romantic for these times.

Trussardi 1911
Stylish real clothes.
Remember: Whatever Suzy Menkes says... think the opposite. Ditto Andre Leon Talley.

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