18 June 2009

Midsummer So Hot

                                                      Tahitian Landscape, 1891
                                                      Nave, Nave Moe, 1894
                                                          The Seed of the Areoi, 1892
                                                        Manua Tupapau, 1892
                                                       Da Mahua No Atua, 1894
"By the combination of lines and colours, under the pretext of some motif taken from nature, I create symphonies and harmonies that represent nothing absolutely real in the ordinary sense of the word but are intended to give rise to thoughts as music does."  - Paul Gauguin


  1. Hmmmm... always found it to be quite naive leh, this sorta art.
    You likes shallonz?

  2. Heart big time. I think the idea of the heat...

  3. Ahhh... ok if you put it that way, the use of colours suddenly have a brand new meaning :-)

  4. yes shallon, it's the colours, and also the "oriental" way the paintings are composed, ignoring "western" perspective. u can read about it, but it appeals to me cos it's so modern, even today. sensual and mystical.