26 June 2009

Weekend Reading List

I want to say go out and buy the Tash Aw debut The Harmony Silk Factory; It's a ravishing read and I felt sad when I finished reading it. H1N1 is preventing me from rushing to Kino to buy his second book Map of the Invisible World, so I've plumped up my pillows and settled down with an old Agatha Christie, Murder At The Vicarage. There you go, that's three suggestions. I know this is not new, but don't you love the idea of these blank Penguin covers? The world's most venerated paperback company introduced design-it-yourself book covers. The covers are made of art-quality paper and hold ink, paint, pencil and glue. If you give someone a fave book, you can now add your unique stamp on it by personalising the cover. So nice!

1 comment:

  1. wow...it will be great to receive a book by you with a cover of your fab drawings :)