25 July 2009

The Love of Siam

I finally watched The Love of Siam, the last of anyone I know, so this might strike you as being rather old, but here's what I think. First, let me get this out of the way: I watched it mostly because I'd seen pictures of Mario Maurer (German/Thai), and I think he's too perfect for words, so shockingly beautiful. I think he carried the movie, not only because he looks model perfect (the Caucasian frame, the impossibly small head with Asian eyes) but because he can actually act. All he had to do was stand on the pavement of Siam Square and look meaningful. Does Mr Maurer qualify as a special effect? Because unlike any movie these days, this 2007 movie has no CGI, a competant, old-fashioned tear-jerker with its familiar conventions: Misunderstood mom and terminally ill dad, feel-good love songs, noble girl friend, deaths, orphans, you name it. You could see the same in any Taiwanese idol soap, actually. The styling/ art direction is uncontrived, not arty, the acting is good enough (the young actors are all exceptionally confidant) to elevate The Love beyound average. It got rave reviews and won nearly every film award there was in Thailand as well as the region. I wish I understood why writer/ directer Chukiat Sakweerakul ended the plot this way, but perhaps it really doesn't matter. The Love allows us to stare at Mr Maurer undisturbed for almost three hours.
I'd rather this, than The Half Blood Prince, to be perfectly honest.

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  1. Beauty totally agrees. it is the perfect show for everybordy - unicorns, ladyboys, crossdressers, grannies who walk the streets. it makes us remember the good old days when we were so sweet and pure. by the way, beauty is listening to an old tearjerker of unrequited love by ah mei as she types this :P