24 July 2009

Weekend Reading List

It's the weekend! I'm reading the funny, fluffy Where Angels Fear to Tread, wishing I could write like this. It's E M Forster at his sparkling and silly best. Why am I attracted silliness? This weakness has led me to no end of trouble, let me be frank. For instance, instead of scanning for a flat to buy on propertyguru.com, or indeed, blogging, I've wasted hours at the online forum Blowing Wind. When BG told me about it (lying in gutter and gazing at I-S classifieds, no doubt), I squeaked in delight, logged on and was instantly engrossed: My goodness, these people know how to have fun! I had no idea that our little city was such a hotbead of vice, what would E M make of it? There's plenty of unintended comedy of course (the very best kind), and the Singlish here is first-rate, and I laughed out loud alot. I suggest you ladies click over there for a good cackle. On a serious note: To prepare for my art class, I'm studying Goya, by Werner Hoffman, quite dark and chilling, and worlds apart from E M, BG and all the other rubbish.


  1. I LURVE The Prado... How are you my dear uncle?

  2. A bit mad with work - but loving my new study in north London. I have giant agapanthas right outside my window.

    Let me know which Goyas catch your eye? I couldn't believe the Prado - rooms and rooms of Goyas, like they were wallpaper...

  3. Goya: Not so much the paintings as those hallucinatory sketches in ink and paper... the deformed and depraved, the crazed and pure ugly. it's not me, but it send shivers down my spine everytime.
    Prado: I love the room with the Velasquezs! all of them heartstoppers... and the el grecos
    , and the still lifes and the marquetry tables and commodes... such refinement.