31 August 2009

Bathtimes Are Made Interesting

Bathtimes are made interesting by using new toiletries; I'm now using a Harnn and Thann Oriental Herbs Natural Shampoo that's tartly refreshing and washes my hair squeaky clean. I'm cleansing my face with Clarins's Gentel Foaming Cleanser, which is mildness itself and smells chastely wholesome. And I was thrilled, because I don't usually use Kiehls, to rip open Kiehls's Ultimate Man Body Scrub (which is an extra large brick of a soap) that's mildly citrusy and with grains that act as a scrub. Yes, a men's product!


  1. Are these products really good for leather?

  2. Yes... after using them leather feels soft, supple and slightly more human...