25 August 2009

A Lover's Discourse

"Jealousy is an equation involving three permutable (indeterminable) terms: one is always jealous of two persons at once: I am jealous of the one I love and of the one who loves the one I love. The odiosamato (as the Italians call the "rival") is also loved by me: he interests me, intrigues me, appeals to me..."
- Roland Barthes (1915 - 1980)


  1. Hey mummy dearest~~~~~
    i love all your blog entires! so very entertaining~~

    i need a little help. i have an oral presensatation to give on fashion and im clueless. help! :(

    does talking about katherine hepburn being 1 of the 1st very few women to wear pants in an era when women were wearing dresses sounds ok?

  2. hmmm why would you focus on that right now though? it already sounds like old news...
    Why don't you talk about something that is closer to your heart?
    why don't you talk about how the hetero communtiy is now adopting the dress codes of the gay community?
    isn't this more interesting and more relevant? u can always call me to discuss further if u thnk i can help u!
    and i'm very pleased that you like my blog, thrilled.