10 August 2009

Olympics Boxer in Gay Magazine Scandal

2004 Olympics Thai boxing winner (silver, bantam class) Worapoj Petchkoom, 29, posed in skimpy clothes for a Thailand's Stage magazine – which targets the gay market. The Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand is investigating Worapoj’s conduct. The association believes his cover shoot for this month’s Stage has brought the association disrepute.
Worapoj, who did not seek the association’s consent before posing for the spread, says he agreed to the do the shoot after a dentist friend who knows people at Stage invited him to do the cover, to mark the magazine’s third anniversary.
‘I thought they were doing me an honour by asking me to pose for their birthday issue,’ he said, insisting he did not know at the time that the magazine was aimed at the gay market.
He denies being broke and desperate. 'I still have enough to live on. In any event, the magazine paid a miserly amount – just 15,000 baht for two days’ work.
‘I posed for the shoot last month. On the first day I started to have my doubts, when they brought out a pair of underwear for me to wear.
'I thought I would just be wearing a swimming costume. I refused, but they coaxed me into it, saying they wanted to see my six-pack.
‘That night I called my girlfriend, who told me it was probably a gay magazine, and the shoot would probably have repercussions for the boxing society if I carried on.
'The next day my girlfriend accompanied me to the shoot. She asked the organisers if I could pull out, but they said I had signed a contract. If I cancelled, I would have to pay compensation,’ he told the media on Aug 6.
‘I am building a resort, the Worapoj Resort and Gym, on Khao Sok in Surat Thani. 'I do not have a problem with money,’ he insisted.
'I thought it would be an ordinary fashion shoot. I am straight, with a girlfriend; The news has upset my family. Since the magazine appeared, another two gay titles have offered me work, but I turned them down. I meant to show my six pack – not my private parts.’

Worapoj says the boxing association’s rules stipulate that members get permission before accepting modelling or advertising work. He did not ask, as he thought it was just a fashion job.
While waiting to hear from the association, he continues to train at Bonanza Khao Yai in Nakhon Ratchasima as he is still hopeing to compete for Thailand at the 2012 Olympics. However, if the association hands down a one-year suspension to penalise him – he would have to hang up his gloves. 'I regret what happened and would like to apologise to boxing fans. It is one of those life lessons – next time I shall have to be more careful,’ he said.


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