08 August 2009

Singapore's Predators and Prey

Last week, a reporter from The New Paper went online, posing as a 14-year-old boy seeking older "friends". Within 10 seconds, the reporter's computer screen was flooded with offers of sex. About 50 individuals got in touch within a five-hour period, over two days.
When the "teen" said he wanted to buy a new handphone, the men offered money, in exchange for sex. They were concerned about keeping it quiet: "Don't tell anybody". The ages the men gave ranged from 18 to 59, and they wanted to know the boy's height, weight, race and about his looks. Two of them said they already had sex with boys as young as 14. One man, who claimed to be a 35-year-old named Jackson, wanted to go beyond paying the teen to service him. He asked about younger siblings. After finding out that the teen had younger brothers aged 9 and 7 (invented as bait), he offered $200 in total to perform sexual acts on them. The offers ranged from $30 to $350 for sex with the 14-year-old. One person wanted the boy to "pleasure him" while he took photographs. He was willing to pay $100. Two others offered their handphones as payment.
One claimed to be a 32-year-old man, and left his handphone number and name as Roy.For $350, he wanted the boy to stay with him for a week at a hotel. The reporter set up meetings with four men.They were to meet outside Toa Payoh Stadium on Thursday. All four turned up. One man waited for hours.
Most of them wanted immediate gratification, and asked to meet the same night, offering to drive by and pick the boy up, though it was 11pm. All agreed to meet a day or two after, after much reassurance that they would not be let down. They were not picky about where to meet. Some offered their cars and homes, while others asked if the boy's place was available.
Source: asiaone.com

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