05 August 2009

Vanity Fair's 2009 International Best-Dressed List

If you still believe in these lists, this one's probably as credible as it gets: Predictably Lady Obama is on the 2009 roster; I'm not quite sure why - I don't think she's particularly well-dressed, actually. Mrs Obama does seem to have an idea of what her style is, but I don't think it necessarily translates into being well-dressed, which is a different matter altogether. I'm delighted to note that the other American First Lady, Anna Wintour was not given the nod; but then, Renee Hellweger is on the Hall of Fame, so that sort of balances out. Hellweger is Anna's creation, of course, her Hollywood proxy. I know; gross. More dreary Hollywood scores with the Brad Pitt (bland) and Anne Hathaway(a little Devil goes a long way). Catherine Deneuve brings Parisian chic to the Hall of Fame, someone deserving at last.


  1. This list is very sala !!! Actually Beauty cannot think of a consistently well dressed celebrity. Can you?

  2. Kate Moss, Carine, Emanuelle, Karl... list goes on and on.