15 August 2009

Weekend Reading List

The September mags out, and I bought some of those on Friday, so I wouldn't have to go out all weekend. In truth, they aren't that interesting, if not actually terribly dull, but there you go. At lunch with JNG and BG at Taste Paradise at Ion, which wasn't really good, not at those prices anyway, BG passed me Agatha Christie's Jane Marple Omnibus Volume 1 (containing four novels) which I've been wanting to (re)read. I've been obsessed by Agatha Christie (inset)books since my teens, and I've re-read them countless times, finding them in turns chilling and comforting. The Jane Marple Omnibus Volume 2 and Volume 3 are turning brown with age by my bedside, and I can't remember why I don't have Volume 1, so I'm really relishing diving into what feels like totally new stories, when in actuality, I've read them before. Why didn't I buy Volume 1? It's a mystery, probably some idea that I had to economize. I can't remember things anymore, my goodness. I'm also completely enraptured by Henry James's The Europeans. I only recall this vaguely; I read it so long ago. Does anyone know if The Europeans have been made into a movie? It would make such a nice movie...


  1. yes darling....."the europeans" was made into a movie in the eighties....and of course merchant ivory!!!

    the other boleyn girl

  2. Ahhh ok, i'll go youtube it! Thanks ms boleyn.