22 August 2009

Weekend Reading List

Back from my mini break and feel the effects evaporating (was it worth it?) the moment I drag luggage off belt 31 at Changi. Unpacking and running errands, including a quick sweep to the library to do some last minute prepping for painting class on Sunday. This is the haul, and what I have to graze and digest after dinner: Oil Painting, The Workshop Experience by Ted Goerschner; I, Raphael, a large picture book (I need to study the skin tones); Divine Presence: Arts of India and the Himalayas (I'm looking mainly for Tibetan motifs and symbols, but I fear the colour plates are not large enough at all); And lastly Artists' Houses (for pure entertainment). I've also got a stack of The Straits Times to plow through, which my dad faithfully collects for me each time I go away. And from the Time I pinched from the lounge, this article about how exercise is quite useless for losing weight. Now this is the sort of stuff I love to read.
According to this report, this is what it takes for a 70 kilo, 30 year old to work off an innocent blueberry muffin (360 calories):

1. Lifting weights for 115 minutes (5 minutes less than two hours, non-stop) or
2. Skating for 21 minutes or
3. Jogging for 33 minutes or
4. Folding laundry for 230 minutes or
5. Vacuuming for 92 minutes

Take your pick of the torture.
Seriously, I'll probably have to be doing jumping jacks from today till Chinese New Year to work off the scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, plus four waffles with slabs of butter and drools of maple syrup that I ate for breakfast this morning, not to mention the tray of chocolates I inhaled while watching horror movie last night.
Personally, I'd sooner not eat the bloody muffin and not have to lift weights for 115 minutes.
As that's just not realistic, I'd rather be fat.
There, I said it.


  1. after reading this, i sure develop mega love-hate relationship with food. Thanks a million.

  2. Please lor... u already have a love hate relationship with food. Or is it a love love relationship... oh dear.