04 September 2009

Baptiste Giabiconi (Born 1990)

French model Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl Lagerfeld's current crush (an improvement on Brad Koenig, I must say, whom I could never understand), stars in all of Lagerfeld's editorial, runway and advertising work. Mr Lagerfeld says Baptiste is “a boy version of Gisele B√ľndchen: Skinny, skinny but with an athletic body — good for clothes and great with no clothes.” Well he should know. He's shot him countless time in nothing but heels, and for the October cover of Wallpaper, without heels, or any other clothing item.


  1. I find them so feminine - sex objects - like women are, have been for ages.

  2. the nudity and poses make them so more than the feminine paraphernalia.

  3. do you read belated posts like these?

    it's the self-conscious exhibitionism that make them womanly - women are consumed, appropriated by men and they adopt that role willingly - like these men - as objects of beauty for the male audience.

  4. Yes, i do read belated comments.
    I totally agree that men are now viewed as sex objects by both men and women, as the balance of power continues to shift.
    as the self pics also show, men have begun to view themselves, and present themselves as sex objects, for general consumption, not strictly for men.

  5. well, good for us women then!

  6. I like his nude pics. he has a great body...i wish to meet him...