06 September 2009

I Was An Air Hostess

Pete Doherty once took so many drugs he thought he was an air hostess. The Babyshambles rocker began hallucinating after injecting horse tranquiliser ketamine while he was working on the 2007 album Shotter's Nation. He said: "Snorting it is bad enough but injecting it is the equivalent of... well, there is no explanation. One minute you're a perfectly sane human being working on an album - the next you're an air hostess on an airplane bound for Portugal".
Doherty, 30, was dating Kate Moss at the time, and claims this incident was one of the reasons for their split: "Imagine your producer Stephen Street is carrying you from the toilets. And then your girlfriend turns up and starts shouting at Stephen Street, 'What's all this? What are you doing?' And Stephen's like, 'Oh f***ing hell, we've got a vocal to do.' And I'm like, 'Do you want another drink?' Because I thought I was an air hostess".
Source: Elle

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