18 September 2009

Surely You Gest

According to one of Michael Jackson's 'closest' friends (right), concert promoter David Gest, MJ's real voice was heavy and powerful and nothing like the high-pitched sighs he used when speaking publicly. Gest said: 'I'm showing an interview I did with Michael that shows him talking in his real voice, like, 'C'mon David, let's get it done now.' Fans were shocked earlier this year when Michael announced his This Is It concerts in an unusually deep voice - prompting speculation that an impersonator had appeared instead of the Queen of Pop. David, 56, is making a documentary called My Best Friend Michael which he promises will show this real side of the star. Appearing on UK show Live From Studio Five, Gest (who had Michael as his best man when he married Liza Minnelli in 2002) said: 'I went to the funeral and I speak to his mother about every week. It's very hard on Mrs. Jackson. She's a very strong woman, she helped raise me when I was a kid.'
Gest is also to release an autobiography which promises to reveal secrets regarding MJ's sex life. Gest and Jackson were friends in their teens when they were growing up. In the book, Gest claims Jackson's father paid a prostitute to have sex with his son and that the young star was once propositioned for sex by a male record executive. Mark Bego, co-writer of the book with Gest, told The National Enquirer, "Michael told David all about his sex life, and David feels it is time to tell the world so the public can understand why Michael turned out the way he did. Michael has so many skeletons in his closet and David feels now is the time they should be aired."
And then the circus continues...

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