15 September 2009

New Yuck Spring 2010: Marc Jacobs

Although a vast improvement from last season, and generally glowingly reviewed, I get the sense that 'grasping at straws' sensation: People want him to be genius, so any glimmer of novelty will will do as evidence. There were some good looks, with the references to Rei Kawakubo (and other Japanese designers), Miuccia Prada (an old standby for Mr Jacobs), and a passage of Vivienne Westwood so painfully obvious, I wouldn't bother to Google the originals (now, won't you like to see them?). Does he ever have anything original to say? For every look I liked, and I was pleasantly surprised by them, there were at least two which were surpassingly hideous. Well, there were 50 exits after all, more or less.

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