17 September 2009

New Yuck Spring 2010: Rodarte

I don't think I can say it any better than Marko:
"The Rodarte sisters are deft technicians with ambitious dreams of a big, mysterious look, no doubt about that, but unfortunately to no avail. Their now officially repetitive hallucination world they live in is quickly becoming more and more closed up, it’s quick sand now. One trick replayed in new moods. The old story: Cold, obsessively meticulous technicism combined with mood, a stylism, an ersatz for a true fashion look."

Or Visione:
"Oh, lord, WHY can I not love Rodarte? I try. I really do. And I admire the philosophical bent. Yes, I do. But then I see the actual clothes, and I feel . . . just empty. It all seems too darn much, too darn heavy where lightness is demanded, too darn . . . messy. There. I said it. Just messy. And a hairbrush would do wonders for their lovely models, teetering along under masses of matted manes."

I just think this is LASALLE graduation standard, and isn't even ready-to-wear. How are they going to reproduce the looks for the stores? Will they spend the rest of their days personally distressing yarn to fill orders? Don't think much of them. Never have.

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