14 September 2009

Nothing Personal

1931, one of 350
1919, painted by Roger Fry with woodcus by Vanessa Bell
1921, one of 300 copies
1937, cover art by Vanessa Bell
1926, cover art by Winold Reiss
Nothing looks like this anymore. Books don't look like this anymore. Don't you think if books and magazines looked more like this, unique, crafted, personal, precious that more people will come to treasure and buy them? Instead, everything looks like everything else now, a blanket of banality and lack of taste.


  1. Indeed. We live in such vulgar and banal times where computers and technology are seen as our salvation. No one does anything by hand these days and not many people have beautiful handwriting. Tres sad.

  2. Not many people are tuned into what real beauty. They may profess to want originality and vision, but it is my expereince that what they really want is more of the same. they want mediocrity and banality more than anything else.

  3. I do so agree. I don't think many people these days even know what real beauty is, being constantly bombarded on a daily basis by vulgar and 'edgy' (read:ugly) images. When there is real originality and vision, you can be sure it will not be palatable or understandable initially. It's the 'shock of the new'. But yes, everywhere, people just prefer tired, tested, formulaic rehashes.

    I'm not a big Andre Leon Talley fan, but I totally understood when he said: There's a famine of beauty.