04 September 2009

Weekend Reading List

Mrs Tay's driver never found me with my weekend reading material yesterday. Despite the flurry of texts and updates through the day, from various locations, the books never reached me. I'll have to settle for the magazines that Ms V recommended I buy the Thursday I bumped into her at Kinokuniya, and we talked about Bruce Weber, and I said "I liked you more now that I know that Bruce Weber is your favourite photographer."
And then I went home, brought the long-sleeved striped T-shirt to have the sleeves chopped off at the Indian tailor downstairs and thought: "How odd that must have sounded to Ms V". But Ms V has since added me on fb so I guess she didn't think I was that funny after all.
From amazon.com a funny book review of a funny book:

"Oh dear. I am a 70 year old woman and I just happened across this book in my son's room. My son is 45 years old and still single. I think he might be gay. That said, his book is now in my room under my bed. So now my 45 year old single son is probably gay and angry. Well, he should get a job anyway or at least go find some real penis and stop reading about them in books like this. Good Lord this is a big penis book. And I love a big penis. And so does my son, apparently. I give this book ten thumbs up. I can't believe I never knew he was gay. He should get a job. Maybe as a dancer. Anyway, if you like a big penis, you will like this book. Lord there are big penises in this book. I mean big. Oh dear."

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