15 November 2009

Kate's Vintage

Kate Moss's new perfume: Vintage. It looks a bit Versace doesn't it?
Vintage is a blend of fruity and floriental, with pink pepper, white freesia, mandarin, heliotrope, jasmine and almond. The smoky topaz and jade coloured perfume bottle was was inspired by the vintage bottles of the 1920s and 1930s, finely faceted to create a jewel-like effect. Kate Moss: "I am fascinated by vintage because they have an innate sense of history. I love the fact that each object has its own story to tell. And yet vintage items can be reinvented with a modern twist to make them very fresh and relevant today. That's why vintage looks have inspired my personal style, my work as a fashion designer and, now, my fragrance."


  1. The words on the bottle spoils the look of it.

  2. The thing just looks tacky. I'm sure it smells horrid as well.

  3. OMG! I am sure it's gonna smell like a bus station shelon!!!