15 April 2010

Beauty First

A first for Estée Lauder: The beauty giant just announced their newest brand ambassador, Chinese model Liu Wen. Ms Liu has become the first Chinese model to be signed to the luxury beauty brand (she was the first Asian model on the Victoria’s Secret runway, too). Aerin Lauder said: “Estée Lauder has always searched for global beauties that define a generation... and Liu Wen has quickly captured the attention of the fashion and beauty world.”


  1. She's terrific and EL wants to sell more bottles in China.

  2. For sure!
    I think Ling just missed the boat... though she was once in some beauty ad do u remember which? Belongs to the estee group... origins or something like that.

  3. Anon: Ahhh... thank you. Old age is no joke I keep having these mental black-outs!

  4. Ling Tan did VS runway years back.
    Liu Wen is second. :-)