14 July 2010

Beauty: Alternatives

I've been alternating between two or more beauty products for the longest time, and wondering if you all do. Not all cleansers are made equal you see, and even though they are sold as 'mild' ( I have super sensitive skin so I always use the mildest anything), some are a bit more thorough than others. Right now, I'm alternating between Guerlain's Secret De Purete Crystal Lotus Flower Cleansing Cream for those days when I feel I need a good scrub, and an Aramis soap, although it's an unlikely brand for me to use.You would think a lovely cream cleanser would be very mild but this one is a very efficient cleanser, even if it smells deceptively pretty and gentle. And I use it for travel as it's more practical to pack (it comes in a tube) than the other cleanser I'm using, which is Aramis Lab Series's Dual Action Face Soap. Now this soap, is surprisingly milder than the Guerlain cream, can you believe it? It's reassuringly big and smells innocuous, which is all that you might want from a soap. It's a treat to use on a daily basis.
I'm also alternating two scents from Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria series. On very hot days, which is almost everyday, I use the Mentafollia, which is shower fresh and a bit green and limey.There's a bit of mandarin and mint, with delicate bits of rose, jasmine and green tea. For contrast, and to seem less droll, I use the Figue Iris, which is not the green and earthy, sappy and milky note you might expect. It actually starts off quite citrusy and becomes a bit sweet and fruity with the iris note (the classic "powder" scent) at the end. It's not challenging stuff but pretty, useful, easy and right for now when those complex, heady scents are just too much.
(Photo: Beauty Queen Estee Lauder turning a customer into a society lady.)

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