26 July 2010


The Vogue Paris fall (2010) round up stars Daria Werbowy, shot by David Sims. Big heart! I think it's thoroughly modern that a denim brand like Diesel thrown in together with high end labels like Dior.... And what can I say? Daria looks amazing, and the clothes look styled to suit her, which makes much sense of this season's ready-to-wear, which weren't superb to begin with.


  1. pardon my ignorance of girl models, but i read in this particular forum:


    where Daria is alleged to be gay or bi. just thought i'd share...

  2. I wish the Christy Story in Italian Vogue had this kind of Breadth and Variety...

  3. Anon: Oh? Well Daria has this androgynous quality i guess but that's part of her appeal and it makes her a great model - all the greats have this andorgymous appeal - linda, christy, kate could all very well be boys.

  4. Andrew: Well they have great stylists at Vogue Paris! Carine and Emmanuelle are just stupendous and add so much to the pictures (btw: did you know that Carine is Virgo?)... they don't work with Meisel if you notice.
    I totally agree with you on the christy story - it's one note and i could not make head or tail of the outfits chosen, they did not tell a cohesive story - even though the different hair styles initially made me think it's a through the decades, but then on studying the clothes... it fell apart!