24 July 2010

Design, Nature, Inspiration

This is so inspiring, and not at all hard to understand: guerilla gardener/artist Anna Garforth emblazons walls with mossy 'graffiti' in her quest to bring beauty into forgotten urban spaces. Ms Garforth uses nourishing ingredients to affix the moss to surfaces. "I collect a common moss that grows well on brick walls and glue it to the wall using a mixture of natural (bio active) yoghurt and sugar. Ms Garforth is also teaches at London College of Communication."There is a lot of wild in the city. My eye has become attuned to the plant life that pushes and grows its way through all the cracks in the concrete. Once you have noticed it, it's everywhere." - Anna GarforthShe also used trash to produce this artwork: "We worked with second year graphic design students to create a word communicating the medium. The medium was trash, the word we chose was used.A weeks worth of rubbish was collected by the students and turned into a typographic piece."This "leaf typography" is a site specific piece and 100 per cent bio degradable using thorns and fallen leafs.There are many more ideas, just visit her website: http://www.crosshatchling.co.uk

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