20 July 2010

Interview August

Marion Cotillard, no doubt promoting the summer blockbuster Inception; Ms Cotillard is part of an excellent ensemble cast (Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead) that is entirely wasted in this mind-numbing movie. I think it says alot, and none of it pretty, that the movie-going public seems to have made this confused, confusing knot of a sci-fi thriller into a hit, and critics (who should know better) have been giving it raving reviews. I've seen it and found it a rambling, inchoate mass, incomprehensible by the 12th minute, emotionless and self-absorbed. The worst of it is the pretentious, would-be intellectualizing of this chase/heist drama, which in the end is merely generic, tricked up with set-piece visuals of the obssessive kind. It's awesome: only if you're seven, or if you've never seen a movie before. At an exhausting two and a half hours, it's too long by two hours.The photos are by Mikael Jansson, half of it passable (nice cover), half of it truly banal.


  1. She looks conventionally beautiful here, unlike her usual weird attractiveness.

  2. Beauty: She's not usually weirdly attractive is she? She's always quite conventional i thought? In Nine she played a housewife!

  3. off-topic: you should add the 'Recent Comments' to your side-bar. it's rather helpful & informative, esp. for your long-time reader and/or frequent commentator.

  4. Anon: Good suggestion... but UGHHHH how??? Help!

  5. oh it's easy.

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