25 July 2010

Just Added

I've just added two links to my list of favourites (left column). Off the Cuff has words of wisdom on wardrobe and style, and The Trad is about all things preppy. Happy Clicking!
From Off the Cuff: "Be careful to not overuse your good shoes. Don’t wear the same pair day after day; they need to rest and dry out. After you get home, give your shoes a quick brush down, insert the trees and give them a few a day or two off. Should you get stuck in a rainstorm or have to tramp through snow, do not try and quickly dry out your shoes; that can permanently damage your fine footwear. Instead, stuff them with newspaper, set them in a room-temperature place and leave them alone. Change the paper if it gets damp but don’t rush the process. Also, make sure to brush off road salts or dirt immediately. Once the leather has air dried, insert your shoes trees and give them a good polish and waxing to recondition the leather."
Both pictures are from The Trad.

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