04 July 2010

Music For Monday

Say it Eason So:As I'm not musical, my taste in music is shockingly narrow; But when I encountered this clip on an old friend's blog, I felt compelled to share this with all of you! I found it quite moving even though I don't understand a single word of it. I wonder what it's all about? Possibly something heartbreakingly sad.
Eason Chan is performing, live, Sandy Lam's 1991 hit Break of Dawn at his recent 2010 Duo concert. The music is written by Dick Lee.
Mr Chan is one of the most stylish men in music and always dressed to the nines! It never fails to amaze that Hong Kong has produced quite a number of stylish people: There's Edison Chen, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung and Joyce Ma. I was going to count Faye Wong but she's from Beijing isn't she? Can you think of anyone else?


  1. Sandy recorded excellent Mandarin and Cantonese versions of this touching song...of heartbreak, pain and suffering...Eason's cover is no less compelling, but me thinks you were moved by his neck...:)

  2. Neja: You know the song??? Can you please email me a sort of translation, if you have the time? i would so love to finally know what i'm listening to! No no no... does eason have a neck? i din notice... but i thought his delivery was quite heartfelt? the sandy one has a passage of music from the butterfly lovers... haunting...

  3. yes eason chan really is the best hong kong male singer at the moment, both
    in terms of his impeccable vocal techniques, and more importantly his willingness to push the chinese pop music envelope. plus his irreverent & outlandish lets-have-fun sartorial style helps too.

    as for possible stylish hongkongers: how abt karen mok? or the multiple award-winning art director/film editor william cheung suk-ping?

  4. Anon: How can i forget karen mok! she's truly a stylish girl, very cool. william cheung suk-ping's work is stylish but is he personally stylish? i don't have any mental images of him at all!

  5. well william cheung's personal style is very understated and subdued, like, unless you're a bona-fide fashionista yourself, you'd think he's wearing something from Topman or G2000 when it's actually a vintage Jil (by Jil herself) or Lang...

  6. Anon: Oh! you know what? I've never seen a picture of him i think...! Very igonarant of me.