05 July 2010

News: Haute Couture

“Just as Haute Couture Fashion Week begins the high fashion market has posted some very positive sales news. Top Parisian labels, including Chanel, Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, have revealed a marked increase in both sales and demand.” - Vogue.com

Yohji Yamamoto, the charismatic and mysterious Japanese designer, is allowing the first-ever published biography about his life to be published. The book, entitled (enigmatically, of course) My Dear Bomb, will be released worldwide in October.” - Telegraph

"Tilda Swinton rolled up her androgynous sleeves and strode into the celebrity perfume fray, teaming up with the French niche fragrance company Etat Libre d'Orange to produce an homage to maligned gingers everywhere. Titled 'Like This' and labeled "this whole idea of orange" by Swinton herself, the scent leaps out the bottle in a tumult of spicy ginger and mandarin peel, then gallops over the course of several hours into a spiced, roasted pumpkin gourmand (though more pumpkin seed than pumpkin flesh) before finally being put out to pasture in a field of fiery immortelle." - Nathan Branch

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