17 July 2010

Weekend Reading List

This weekend you can have all your favourite classics read to you by an English actor of your choice (well, there are only four, but still). Just click over to
This collaboration between Penguin Books and Carte Noire (coffee maker) features three passages from Jane Austen, including:
Greg Wise reading Persuasion (above)
Joseph Fiennes reading Sense and Sensibility
Dominic West reading Pride and Prejudice
The fourth reader, Dan Stevens, does not read Jane Austen, unfortunately.


  1. jane and 'the line of beauty'! my word, they are catering to their gay clientele aren't they.

  2. Grey and Dan can read my cabbage patch :P

  3. And Dominic can have my cabbage for salad :)

  4. Anon: I guess so... in fact if you look at all the other titles... definitely carefully selected to appeal to a certain group: girls!!!
    Beauty: You're going to leave JF out in the cold is it? Actually, even though I went into it thinking i'll like DS, after i watched/listened to them all I decided that DW has the most... style?