27 August 2010


With New York Fashion Week only a week away, I think it timely to look at an era when American fashion had some sort of meaning.


  1. thank you for featuring this clip. new york in the pre-AIDS 70s is definitely where & when i would like to visit, should i have a time machine: Studio 54 & all the crazy druggie fabulous people who hung out there e.g. Warhol Halston Tina Chow Bianca Jackson Capote etc etc.

    i'd also like to nip down to the Village & the Meat Packing district to check out all the notorious leather bars (Cruising!), discos & bathhouses (Bette Midler here I come!). so decadent, yet so creative at the same time...

  2. oops it should have been 'Bianca Jagger'.

  3. Dear Anon: Really? You would choose the 70s? Interesting!